Imaginative Wedding Design

desert boho wedding.jpg

The modern bride is looking for new ways to stand out. It’s easy to feel like “it’s all been done before” when you visit contemporary weddings. Yet, despite the fact that Boho weddings have become incredibly popular over the past few years, there are still ways to incorporate imaginative ideas into your Boho-esque wedding.

For instance, succulents are a great way to incorporate California-friendly live plants into your wedding. Succulents include Echeveria, Sedeveria, Jet Beads, Aeonium and a list that’s too long to include here. These types of live plants can serve many, many purposes, such as being incorporated into the bouquet, worn in your hair as a headpiece or headband and as centerpieces on your tables, just to name a few. 

The bonus? You can give the succulents away to your guests at the end of the reception as parting gifts – a beautiful living memory of your big day.

Orchids also make unique living centerpieces. You can choose simple centerpiece options and keep the orchid in its standard pot or you can choose to have them removed from the pot and placed in a special display. Displays can reflect the uniqueness the wedding couple, including the use of moss, driftwood, stone and other mixed materials. 

The way that the orchid is displayed is up to you. Or if you are fresh out of ideas, you can always rely on the years of expertise that the staff at Exotic Plants has. Possibilities are endless, and again, you can give the living plants away at the end of the event – even if only to the VIPs such as mother of the bride and groom, wedding party or bridesmaids.

Air plants offer another unique option. This is a special look that is gaining popularity in recent years. Brides are beginning to respect and understand the delicate beauty of the air plant and have used them for everything from inexpensive wedding favors to entire centerpieces of air plants placed in country-chic buckets. For those who don’t know, the air plant genus (Tillandsia) has around 650 species and is native to Central and South America as well as the Southern United States. With so many varieties of this beautiful plant, it’s hard to decide exactly how you should include them in your wedding – but the staff at Exotic Plants is glad to help.

Ferns are another set of delicate, romantic plants that will certainly have all of your friends “ooo-ing” and “awe-ing” upon their arrival to your wedding. You can go all-out and place live ferns at your reception alongside fern-embroidered napkins, fern-incorporated headpieces for your bridesmaids, fern wedding gown details or jewelry and so on. We’ve even seen brides add fern details to their heels! These are all cute ways to include a gorgeous, lush plant that is truly reminiscent of a fairy tale. 

Lastly, we also recommend incorporating moss. Moss Art is quickly becoming the next big thing (see our Blog on Kifumi’s Moss Art) and the options are as varied as the mosses. It can be used to create an entire wall for photo backdrops if you want to go big – talk about making a statement! Mosses can be utilized within and surrounding simple arrangements on your tables, inside of do-it-yourself photo frames, as a lovely addition to your bouquet and much more. Moss art is also a wonderful gift to those who played a big role in making your special day amazing. It makes an environmentally friendly work of art and each moss display is truly as unique as your love. 

Exotic Plants is your one-stop-shop for all of your wedding greenery needs.