Commercial & residential Services



Live Plant Rental Program: With this popular service we offer rental of a wide range of live plants and decorative containers to the general public. We will also maintain them for you on a weekly basis. Please contact us for a quote.
Plant Care with Replacement Guaranteed Maintenance: Whether you are a business or a private home, for a monthly fee, we will provide the plants and cover pots that you need, and maintain them weekly, in top condition. The difference with this service is that we guarantee that your plants will always be at their best, or we will replace them at no further cost – provided their condition is not due to circumstances beyond our control. Please contact us for a quote.
Plant Care with Flat Maintenance:  With this service for businesses and private homes, we will maintain, trim and water your own plants for you on a weekly basis for a monthly fee.  Please contact us for a quote.


House Calls: Our fee for house calls starts at $100 per hour, and it includes 2 technicians, who will clean, trim and feed your plants. Please contact us to set up an appointment.

Special Occasion Orders: What could make a nicer surprise than a personal arrangement in a lovely pot, with a gift card? Our friendly and experienced staff will be happy to discuss a personal arrangement for you, helping you choose, if need be, not only the plant but the right container for that special event. Whether it is for a birthday, Valentine`s Day, or Mother`s Day, we can help you create a living art piece, custom designed for your wishes.  We also deliver. Just call us at 916-922-GROW (4769) in advance to order your arrangement of orchids, bromeliads or other exotic plants, and a delivery time.
On-site Residential Consultation: We charge $80 for on-site advice on design and decor for your current and future plants. This fee, however, will be applied to any plant purchases (at that time only). Though we are happy to work with outside designers and consultants, we rely on our own talented in-house designers first and foremost. Please contact us to set up an appointment.
Re-potting: Our re-potting service starts at $5, depending on the size of pot needed and the growing medium. If your plant is too large or heavy to bring into the shop, don`t worry, we do make House Calls.