2018/19 Events

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2019 Event Calendar

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Saturday, September 7 FREE Plant 101 “Repotting” Workshop 12-1:30pm and Tent sale 10am-3pm

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Past Events

Thursday, August 22 6:30-8pm- Kokedama Swig and Dig for $18-45. BYOB

Saturday, August 3- FREE Orchid workshop at 12-1:30pm. Tent Sale 10am-3pm

Thursday, July 25 6:30-8pm- Cloche Terrarium Swig and Dig for $50. Includes large terrarium, soil, tropical 2inch plants, and natural decorative material. BYOB

Saturday, July 6- FREE Air Plant Workshop 12:1:30pm and Tent sale 10am-3pm

Saturday, June 15- 1-3:30pm- FREE Orchid and Bonsai tutorial workshops. Orchid tutorial from 1-2pm & Bonsai tutorial from 2:30-3:30pm. Join us to learn all you need! Tent Sale 10am-3pm

Thursday, June 13 6:30-8pm- Swig and Dig “Indoor Tropical Bonsai” Edition. (Includes one 4” plants, pot, wire, and all other decorative materials. Complimentary wine and snack (BYOB)

Thursday, May 23 6-8pm- Swig and Dig Modern Succulent Arrangement (Succulents, moss, & all other natural decor included)

Grand Opening Party Sunday, May 5th 3-7pm- Mikuni Sushi, Cultured Kitchen, Music, Raffles, Workshops, special discounts and MORE!

Thursday April 18 6-8pm- Swig and Dig Mounted Air Plant (cork wood plank, moss, & all other natural decor included) $30 for small $45 for large

Saturday, April 6- Plant 101 Tope Hard-to-Kill Plants Workshop

Friday, March 22- Swig and Dig Mounted Staghorn Fern Workshop (wooden plank, moss, other decor)

Saturday, February 2- Orchid Workshop (tutorial style) Learn to create, care for, re-bloom, and re-pot

Saturday, January 12- Kokedama Workshop (tutorial style) with take-home DIY kits