Kifumi Keppler

With a cultural heritage that extends from Kyoto to Sacramento, Kifumi Keppler, owner and founder of Exotic Plants, infuses her shop and business with the Japanese aesthetics of plants, a discipline she immersed herself in while growing up in Japan.  

Born in Kyoto, Kifumi studied Ikebana for many years, the art of Japanese flower arrangement which is based on strict rules.  She also learned the tea ceremony and several Japanese musical instruments.  

While living in Japan, she became passionate about videography and was invited to attend California State University Sacramento on the prestigious Fulbright Scholarship when she was 23 years old.  After graduation, Kifumi was hired as a film editor and producer at KCRA - a career that culminated in her skilled execution of a ten-part series about her home country of Japan. While she loved the industry, there were parts of the profession that she found less than ideal. 

That’s when plants came back into her life in a big way.  While helping the owner of a local plant business, she became fascinated with the spiritual aspect of plants, how they respond to the personality of their care giver and those around them.  After reading The Secret Life of Plants by Peter Tompkins she grew even more intrigued with plants’ awareness and perception.  

Since that time, Exotic Plants has thrived as a business. Her artistic passions have also continued to grow and her latest venture into moss art exemplifies the ingenuity and beauty of her creations.

In September 2017, Kifumi Keppler and Exotic Plants celebrated its 45th anniversary – no easy feat for any small business. It is undoubtedly Kifumi’s dedication and love for her industry that has allowed for such prosperity. Yet, second to none, are also her kindness and creativity – traits that have clearly spawned years of beautiful, unique plant life in the Sacramento area.

Video Interview

Hear what Kifumi has to say about being in business for 40 years