Living WALL Art

An expert in “exotic” plants, such as orchids and bonsai, Kifumi Keppler has expanded on to her newest obsession:  Moss art. If you haven’t seen this growing trend around the greater Sacramento area, you are sure to spot it very soon. Kifumi’s work is already being featured in several local businesses and her creations continue to become more and more imaginative.

The innovation of this art easily leads the viewer to wonder where Kifumi Keppler gets her ideas. The mixed mediums that Kifumi uses include multiple varieties and colors of mosses, with accent work that highlights succulents, pieces of stone, air plants, wood, fungi, antlers, flowers, bamboo and more. The majority of her mediums are, of course, plant-based. 

The materials are also carefully preserved during her creative process, so they never “wilt.” Instead, the wall art stays forever green – great news for those of us who can’t seem to keep live plants happy and healthy! The pieces often look alive, and yet, you never have to water. Talk about a beautiful, unique and drought-resistant way to keep your home or business green – literally and figuratively. 

You don’t need to have a green thumb to exhibit this art that stands the test of time. When asked where moss art pieces can be displayed, Kifumi said, “The sky is really the limit.” She’s had pieces commissioned for restaurants, weddings, corporate buildings and private homes. The art can serve many purposes and are utilized as centerpieces on tables (or in them), traditional wall art, framed mirrors, photo backdrops and more. 

“Plants are really the center of our universe. They feed us, clothe us and can provide materials to house us, supply energy and add oxygen to the air. Nature is our connection to the earth and keeping plants in the house and office reminds us of this,” says Kifumi. What better way to honor all that plants offer us than to create beautiful, long-lasting art with them.”

If you’d like to see some of Kifumi’s amazing moss art pieces in person, visit Exotic Plants and see what she has been up to lately. Her magical, green artwork is always evolving!

My moss wall brings a smile to my face every time I pass by. Each time, I see something different - the shadings of moss, the precision in the knots holding the bamboo fence together, the graceful branch of the weeping cherry tree. Kifumi’s design, harmony, proportion are beautifully displayed. This magnificent piece of art has added a wonderful dimension to my home.
— Jacqui T

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