“WOW!!!!  SOOO BEAUTIFUL!  Kifumi, you all did a wonderful job!  Thank you so much!!!” – KBK


“The plants are absolutely beautiful!  Your two installers were so courteous and cleaned every spec of dust afterwards.  It was the best experience!”  - J.S.


“Kifumi is simply the best!  She has the right things.  She has the best in service and the best staff, is the most accommodating.  There is no other source that compares!  All of our plant business, whether it’s residential or restaurants, we direct everybody to Exotic Plants.”  - B.B


“Most all our indoor plants on campus are from Exotic Plants.  They have excellent service.  Our plants are all happy!”  - G., McGeorge School of Law


“We have several plants from Exotic Plants where I work and we are always getting compliments on them.  They are good conversational pieces.  They’re aesthetic.  They are uplifting.  Our customers get excited!  They’ll see a vibrant orchid and they actually can’t believe it’s real.” – L.O.


“I really like the expertise of the staff.  They are always so pleasant and kind and knowledgeable and that’s been very helpful to me.”  - V.


“I haven’t seen anything of the excellence anywhere else that I see here.”  - M.W.


“I enjoy coming here because they have a variety of plants and I get the special care that I need to tell me how to take care of the plants.”  - R.T.


“We absolutely love Exotic Plants! Our office would not be the same without them. Our plants make our office feel warm and inviting and the staff at Exotic Plants are awesome!”  - McWong Inc.


“We have been a customer for almost 10 years and have received excellent service.  Your team is responsive to our needs and addresses all our concerns promptly.  Whenever we request a plant to be exchanged it is taken care of and those who do come in are always helpful, respectful and considerate.   You should be proud of your team.”   - Lehman Levi Pappas & Sadler


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